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Ileana Cornea, Paris, March 2015
Art critic and journalist for Artension magazine

What a strange adventure that the history of painting ...
One day, she stopped chatting. The image of a world with defined contours breaks apart. The lines, the segments, the circles, the colors, are enough for him. The tradition weighed like a screed. The impressionists set it on fire, the abstract, the powder. And, what energy in the Delaunay, what musicality in Kandinsky, what a strange metaphysics in Malevich and what a rhythm in Mondrian. They invented modernity from themselves, from what their eyes dictated to them, and their daring.

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For fifteen years of multiple experiences and travels, I have been confronted with different techniques and different visual vocabularies to apprehend what I am looking for: a unified instrument of expression that is singular, deep and thick and that allows me to to explore the mystery of human existence and the complexity of our interiority.

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